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3D, VR artist, Motion Graphic


Besisi, designer(2016)

Nooslab, game resource (2012)

KBS Documentary, illustration (2012)



Malka Media, 3D Artist (2017 Sep~)

Framestore, VR intern(2017 summer)

Cocone, game artist (2014~2015)

Seoul City Hall, design assistant(2011&2012 summer)




School of Visual Art (2015~2017)

- MFA Computer art

Konkuk University (2010~2014)

- Moving Image

- Second major: Culture contents

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    Nina Park is a multimedia animation professional with extensive training in 3D animation, 2D motion graphics, and video. She graduated with an MFA from School of Visual Arts in New York in 2017. She has worked at numerous media positions, including at Cocone Korea, CJ, and Nooslab. She was invited to participate in the Annecy animation festival, AnimaMundi, SICAF, FIFDH, and NHIFF. At SVA and previously she gained a rigorous foundation in fine arts, which granted her the ability to generate compelling visual language spawning resonant animated passages. Additionally, in Korea, Nina pursued a specialized comprehensive curriculum in the technology of the future. Hence, she is well-versed on myriad levels of creative and technical story dramatizing in motion.


     Additionally, due to her fine arts background, Nina has developed impeccable drawing skills and a keen sensitivity for creating resonant moods with light. Plus, after a year of private study, she has a deep expertise and versatility with software, able to jump into a new program with only a day or two of review.