- VR, one person development

Photoshop, After effect, Maya,

Unity, Substance Painter

This thesis is a VR with the 3D character who is the girl riding a cat robot to fight against the huge teddy bear attacking a town.


The main character, Mint, is a teenage girl wearing a school uniform inside of an oversize souvenir jacket. She is a pilot of the cat robot belong to the nation. 


The tale begins because of a surprise attack from the huge teddy bear. The teddy bear just invades the country and he has already sunk a ferry which poor people ride. But the Chicken Head orders his army to stay. So Mint also just stands by on her cat robot. But she agonizes over this situation and finally, she ignores the command from Chicken Head.


Fluid Horizons: MFA Computer Art Exhibition (2017)

3D Designer Motion Graphic Artist

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