- Short Animation, PD, Animation, Sound

Photoshop, After effect, TV paint


 Kim Young Soon living in Pyung-Yang, North Korea had a friend who was Kim Jung Il’s concubine. Someday, she was involved in an operation eliminating people related to Kim Jung Il’s concubine. She and her family were imprisoned and they all died except her. A few years later, she was released miraculously. After that, she saw a demonstration in South Korea on television and surprised that even demonstrating people are dressed better than North Koreans. She decided to escape and came to South Korea through a tough trip. Group Work


NHIFF, Documentary section (2013)

SISFF, Senior section (2013)


TAMPERE Film Festivel (2014)

Animamundi, Student section (2013)

ANNCEY, Student section (2013)

SICAF, Student section (2013)

3D Designer Motion Graphic Artist

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